Sustainability – Baaby


From the very beginning our swimwear has been made using Econyl® regenerated nylon.
Econyl® is created by Italian nylon manufacturing company Aquafil, in collaboration with the Healthy Seas initiative.
Healthy Seas is a not-for-profit NGO who in 2013 began volunteer led diving expeditions to pull discarded fishing nets and other plastic waste from our oceans. This plastic waste is then transformed into Econyl® regenerated nylon, using only renewable energy in the production process.
Econyl® is then created into the beautiful recycled fabric we use to make our swimwear. It is made in Italy using 100% renewable energy and has the capability to be recycled infinitely, making our swimwear highly sustainable and promoting a circular economy. 
Every Baaby garment, main fabric and lining, is made from recycled fabric including our printed fabrics. 
For more information on Econyl® and the recycling process click here.
For more on the Healthy Seas click here.
To view the Aquafil 2018 Sustainability report click here


All swing tags on Baaby garments are made from recycled paper and are attached to garments with sustainable hemp string.


Orders made via our website are shipped in compostable packaging. This means you can dispose of the packaging in your compost bin or in your green waste bin. Please remove the shipping label before composting.


We do not receive our swimwear from our manufacturers in any plastic and we do not send orders wrapped in plastic. 


Our fabrics are printed at a local Australian printer who do small runs to ensure no excessive printing and wasted fabric. They use non-toxic water based dyes to minimise harm to the environment. All fabric is digitally printed to ensure a precise and accurate print therefore minimal fabric is wasted during colour tests when compared with screen printing, which can take a lot of trial and error to perfect the print.