Since the conception of Baaby in 2015 PEOPLE & PLANET have always been at the core of our decision making. We aim to produce beautiful garments that will remain in your wardrobe for a lifetime, not a season. We carefully select each fabric for its sustainable qualities and we consider the whole lifecycle of the garment from beginning to end.


To minimise our impact on the environment, we only use sustainable natural fibre fabrics, recycled fabrics, and deadstock fabrics.

For swimwear we only use certified recycled nylon, and have done so since Baaby was established in 2015.

For apparel we use mainly linen, cotton, silk, RWS wool, and deadstock fabrics. We use natural fibre fabrics as these will break down much faster at the garments end-of-life when compared to synthetic fabrics. We strive for OEKO-TEX certified, GOTS organic and FSC certified fabrics and consider the entire lifecycle of a fabric when making decisions including the environment in which it is grown in through to the dyes and finishes on the fabric.



From the very beginning our swimwear has been made using Econyl® regenerated nylon. 

Econyl® is created from plastic waste which is pulled from oceans and landfills around the world and is woven into fabric in Italy. 

For more information on Econyl® and the recycling process click here https://www.econyl.com/the-process/


In 2022 we introduced our crinkle swimwear which is created from a GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified recycled nylon yarn. This yarn is created from plastic waste pulled from oceans and landfills around the world, and woven in Australia into our crinkle fabric.


For apparel we use natural fibre fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk. When compared to polyester based fabrics or other synthetic fabrics these natural fabrics break down much faster at the garments end-of-life. We strive for GOTS certified cotton and OEKO-TEX certified materials, which means the fabric has been tested for any nasty chemicals. These fabrics are better for our skin and better for the environment as they are made without chemicals that could be damaging to both.


Deadstock fabrics are unwanted fabrics which come from places like closed factories or manufacturers, or big brands that order too much, the wrong colour or wrong type of fabric that they wanted. It is typically deemed a waste product in the fashion industry and would otherwise end up in landfill.

We purchase deadstock fabric either straight from the factories or from local Australian retailers who specialise in this type of material. We see deadstock fabric as a good way to upcycle perfectly good materials, and help work towards a circulator fashion world.



Orders made via our website are shipped in compostable packaging. This means you can dispose of the packaging in your compost bin or in your green waste bin. Please remove the shipping label before composting.

We use tissue paper to wrap orders, natural string and FSC certified stickers that are printed with compostable non-toxic dyes. 

Our swing tickets are printed on recycled card and tied with natural string. Our branding and postcards are all printed on recycled card, for any printing requirements we use recycled paper.



We do not receive any of our garments from factories in plastic, and we do not send anything in plastic. We do not use any single use plastic for anything we do.



Lean about our ethical practices here.