Every Baaby garment, apparel and swimwear, is ethically manufactured in Australia. We conduct regular factory visits to ensure high level working conditions and standards are being met and to ensure garment workers are treated fairly and respectfully.  Our manufacturers are regularly audited by the manufacturers union and pay their staff in accordance with the Fair Work Commission standard. We have close relationships with all of our factory owners and garment workers and consider them to be part of the Baaby team. They create beautiful quality garments, many of them with over 30 years of experience, and they are integral to the prosperity of our business. 
To make locally in Australia means we have control over our product and can see first hand that our factories are ethical, working conditions for staff are safe and fair, and there is no child labour, forced labour or exploitation of workers. 
 We do not use leather or fur on any of our garments and never have.



We donate 1% of our profits to The Ocean Cleanup organisation, who are doing an amazing job at cleaning up our ocean and helping save marine life.

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We have also donated to the following charities and will continue to donate to charities we feel strongly about: 

Northern Rivers Livestock & horse Disaster Fund - Helping save animals hurt or in danger from the 2022 NSW floods
Healthy Seas - Pulling ghost fishing nets from the ocean with volunteer divers, preventing litter from ending up in the ocean and raising awareness
Jobs 4 Dogs - Rescuing and rehoming Australian working breed dogs
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